Addiction is a disease of the midbrain. When addicts take their drugs, their brain craves for more. This craving is not the same as say, a craving for a favourite meal. Although it uses the same mechanism, the addict's cravings are much stronger. The addict's craving threatens the body with death should it not comply. It's either use or die. Ask any addict if they take drugs because they like it. You'll be surprised that most of them would say they have no choice. Once they've taken the drug, the craving leads them down a powerless and unmanageable life.

In this region, the Middle East, there's much taboo associated with addiction. People see it as a moral weakness. Science has disproved people's opinion. It's found that the nucleus accumbens or midbrain of addicts are different to others. When addicts take drugs, their tolerance for lower doses, forces them to want more. This wanting is controlled by a deformity in the midbrain. The dopamine receptors, involved in pleasure, shut down. Normal people are satisfied with pleasurable experiences, including drugs. Whereas, the addict's dissatisfaction is a part of their diseased physiology.

There is good news and challenging news. The good news is that addiction is a treatable disease. The challenging news is that addiction is a lifelong chronic illness. Without treatment and recovery, it gets worse instead of better. 

But, there is hope in recovery. Addicts are living better than well today as a result of their treatment. It's about time you gave yourself that chance at a new life. Read our online blog on “the benefits of being clean and sober from addiction”, to know more about life in recovery.


How we treat addiction at Solace Sabah

At Solace Sabah, we treat addiction from all aspects. We understand that addicts are patients, and not criminals. Even if they have been involved in criminal activities, all that was part of their disease. Addicts do get better and in time, will thrive in recovery. We've seen that change and we know, you or a loved one can get the treatment needed to get well. Our methods are scientific and professional. If you're looking for a way out of the mess of addiction, you've come to the right place.

Our main method is through 1 on 1 counselling with a focal counsellor. Each client will have their own focal counsellor. This is the person you need to see for all your rehab needs. He/she is also the "go-to" person who will aid you through the process of recovery. Our counsellors are supported by professionals in the field of addiction. Also, they refer to the DSM-V, which is the latest in addiction science. For more information on the DSM-V, click here. Their research, insight, and counsel will help you achieve the goals of recovery. They will guide you through an individuated treatment plan. With love, they will also watch your progress with us. 

There is a social aspect to treatment. You will have peers in treatment. These are people, who are addicts like yourselves, undergoing their own process. Group therapy helps you to integrate into the recovering community. Recovery is a "we" program. The peerage is a self-supporting system. Everyone supports each other in getting well. Groups are places where interpersonal problems get sorted out. It is also a forum for airing individual issues and finding solutions. Much personal insight has resulted from these sessions. It's because addicts are unaware of the effect of their behaviour on others.

Everyday, we have lecture-workshops at Solace Sabah. These sessions are interactive wherein clients get to learn about themselves. They get to learn about addiction and work out solutions to their problems. The theme of workshops range from various therapies to 12-steps and relapse prevention.

At Solace Sabah, we also treat dual-diagnosis. These are mental disorders that may have accompanied the addiction. Or, they may have caused the addiction. For example, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, and Post-traumatic stress illness (PTSI). Do take our look at our dual diagnosis section on our webpage. To know more, click here, and go to “dual diagnosis” on the menu.

The 12-steps program is one of the essential tools for recovery. Recovery is based on self improvement. That can only come from past reparation and healing. Worked well with the aid of a sponsor, addicts will be at ease in their future lives. Solace Sabah allows for fellowship meetings, but does not enforce attendance. Some counsellors and recovery coaches are capable of taking clients through the steps. If interested, you could seek their aid in the process.

CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy helps addicts by changing their thoughts. Looking at core beliefs, addicts will get to redress their thoughts. By doing so, their feelings change as do their behaviours. CBT is useful to treat the addictive personality. To find out more about the addict's mind, click here. It's essential to treat the thinking problems inherent in addiction.

Creative Arts therapies is the use of art to treat mental disorders. It's very soothing and therapeutic to use music, drama, dance, and painting. Clients will be able to explore non-verbal feelings through the use of these art forms.

Besides therapy, clients get to take part in various activities. We hold crossfit classes at our gym. Also, on request, you could have a yoga session. Every client is entitled to a weekly massage session. At the same time, we take clients on outings to various spots like the beach or for shopping.  All these help to refocus attention away from problems and towards time-consuming actions. It teaches addicts that there is more to life than addiction. Take a look at “how exercise aids in addiction recovery,” to know more about the benefits of exercise in recovery.

Clients can also enjoy sports and recreation. From football, badminton, to snorkelling and white water rafting, sports excite us. As addicts are adrenalin junkies, it's important to divert the energy. Thus, taking it away from drugging into something productive, energising, and adventurous.


Seek Treatment at Solace Sabah

There are many reasons to choose us as your rehab for addiction recovery. We are a muslim-friendly rehab located in Malaysian Borneo. We serve halal food and cater to muslim needs such as Mosque visits for Friday prayers. Also, we are far from the middle-east and all treatment is done anonymously. This means that treatment is private between therapist and client. Your safety is thus guaranteed and you can get the healing through honest sharing of your past.

We also have an international clinical team. They are from the U.S., U.K., South Africa, and Europe. Some of our clinicians are muslim and understand the plight of muslim addicts. The standard of care is en par with luxury rehabs worldwide. You are getting the same level of treatment here as you would in the U.S. or Europe. Except, we are half their fees.

Addicts with residential treatment are far more successful than addicts who do not. Addiction is such a cunning illness that outpatient treatment can easily be sabotaged. Conversely, residential treatment is up close, scrutinising, and effective. Long-term residential treatment actually changes the structure of the brain. It's recommended to stay at least 3-months with us for this to take place.

At Solace Sabah, should you want to strengthen your recovery, we have transition. The Solace Transition program is a sober living program housed at our facility. Click here, to find out more.

Upon discharge, all our clients have a free 18-months' aftercare program. Even upon leaving us, we will still be in contact with you. We are interested to see how you've progressed in your new life. Call us for more information. We are always here to help. Don't wait, act now, recovery can be yours, today.